Current Obsession: Workout Gear

Taking into consideration how often I write about fitness and exercise on this blog, it is pretty crazy that I have never done a post about what I choose to wear for a great chunk of my daily life. You will probably catch me every single day during the summer in these clothes and I am not ashamed to admit that I am normally not the type of gal who switches back into her “regular” clothing post workout if I do not have something important planned afterwards. #lazinessatitsfinest

Since I do spend a lot of time lounging around and exercising in my workout gear, I have gathered quite a collection. I have also purchased most of these items that I will recommend here so I can personally attest for their quality, practicality, and durability!

Sports Bras:

I have tried and tried the Old Navy sports bras in order to save an extra buck or two, but I am here to tell you that they do not work. The bras hurt and are extremely irritating on the skin. Since finding a comfortable sports bra is pretty much a necessity if you are going to have a productive workout, I quickly realized that I needed to find a different brand.… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Hair Products

Maybe it is because I just got a haircut last week, but I have been going the extra mile in tending my locks recently to make sure that they stay nourished despite me drying it out with the hair dye. My relationship with my hair has always been a love/hate one. Ever since high school, I have been damaging it with multiple dyes, perms, hair straightening treatments, etc. I often joke that it is miracle that I am not bald yet with all of the “drama” my hair has been through!

I recently restocked some of my favorite hair care items in my home since I was running low and thought it was the perfect time to share some of my secrets below! With the usage and the combination of these items, I have noticed a major improvement in the condition of my hair. I am no longer cringing every single time I touch my dry ends. Instead, my hair has gotten dramatically silkier, smoother, and softer. HORRAY!


First and foremost, I do not wash my hair every single day. Contrary to common misconception, I do not think hair gets that dirty just by being out and about.… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale

With Nordstrom’s Summer Clearance Sale now active, I am really excited to share with y’all some of my favorite picks! Although the sale is on until June 28th, be sure to act fast when purchasing– some of these clothing items are already gone in quite a few sizes! A few of the accessories are also currently backordered 🙁

Note: since Nordstrom offers free shipping on all items, do not wait to have all of your goodies picked out before checking out. Check out as you go so you do not end up with an empty cart since nothing is reserved until you press that final “submit order” button!


First row: Maggy London Floral DressCaslon Maxi Dress (currently only $30!), Lush Kylie Skater Dress (currently only $28!)

Second row: Lush Woven Shirt (currently only $23!), Topshop Lace Shoulder Top (currently only $30!), Free People Side Tie Top (currently only $40!)

unnamed-1First row: Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace (I am OBSESSED with these and bought two during this sale– the magenta and the turquoise!), Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q (best bag purchase I have made this year yet!), Michael Kors Amelia Watch

Second row: Tory Burch Chandler SandalKate Spade Initial Necklace (I bought one for myself and one for my boyfriend’s little sister during the Christmas season last year– they are so elegant and simple!), Tory Burch Slim Diana ClutchKate Spade New York Small Studs (currently only $30— I have three pairs and love switching them up!)

As always, let us know if you have found other goodies worth sharing!READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Summer Polish


Photo: Essie

Whenever I need to de-stress from an exhausting week, I try to pamper myself with a mani-pedi. In Brooklyn, I have found a few places near me that are friendly, clean, and cheap. Usually, I can get a mani-pedi combination for around $25 (tip included!) so I do not have to feel too guilty for indulging once every other week or so 🙂

With summer vacation rapidly approaching, I have found myself constantly reaching for the brighter colors. However, I have also realized that vibrant colors are not necessarily the only ones I can go for that will make my nails “pop.” I have found a few shades of richer/darker colors that will also absolutely work for this time of the year!


My most recent mani-pedi shade. Check out the name of this color below!

Here are some of my current favorites (Note: You will see that I choose exclusively from the brand Essie. After trying out multiple brands, I have found that Essie works the best for me. I usually love the colors in their collections and they will last me a good a week and a half before I have to repaint my nails.… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Spring/Summer Scarves

With the weather in NYC dipping well into the 60s for the last couple of days, I suddenly find myself reaching for a light scarf and cardigan from my closet as I go out at night for dinner or drinks with friends.

I know the last thing we want to be thinking about is adding on layers as we enter the latter part of June. However, if this is inevitable, we might as well be lookin` cute while doing it!

To say that I have a slight addiction to scarves would be the understatement of the year. I own about thirty (!!!) and had to get a scarf holder to make room for the overflowing pile in my closet. Usually, I use scarves to dress up or down an outfit since they are a cheap(er) way to add diversity to my looks. During the winter here (nine times out of ten), you would catch me at work wearing a long-sleeve shirt/sweater, my Minnie pants, and a long, cozy scarf draped over.

Here are my favorite scarves for the spring/summer season. I specifically tried to look for ones that are made from light and airy materials that will not make your appearance seem unnecessarily “heavy.” As an added bonus, these scarves would also transition extremely well from spring/summer to the fall season with the right jacket!… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Totes

Every girl needs a perfect tote bag, especially during the summer. I do not know about you, but I tend to carry around extra stuff during these months of the year. On any given day during the summer, you will find my phone, a pair of sunglasses (and the case!), sun block, phone charger, cardigan/scarf for layering, a journal (you never know when you will get inspired to jot something down!), pen, and a book inside my bag. Whew! That is a lot of stuff!

I think because of the nice weather, I tend to plan my day around being outside and savoring that extra Vitamin D. Inevitably, I will have some “gap time” in between my activities. Instead of coming home to hibernate, I will just sit down at a local park bench and keep myself busy. This requires some pre-planning on my part as to what I would anticipate using and will have to bring these items with me. Most of the time, I cannot fit all of my necessities into a small clutch. Therefore, totes can become super handy!

While looking for tote bags, I tend to go for versatility– will this bag “transform” well from one I can carry in the city on an afternoon stroll to one that I can carry on a beach?READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: iPhone Cases

Just under a year after switching to the Samsung Galaxy 5, I decided to return home and claim back my position in the Apple family. Why? The switching of the systems was just too much after almost five years on my Apply products. I initially thought I wanted a lot more choices and variety on my phone (hence the switch to Android), but as it turns out.. I like the simplicity that the iPhone has to offer.

With this new change last week, it was the perfect opportunity to get a new iPhone 6 case! I swoon over cases pretty much to the same degree as I swoon over clothing. There is just something so spectacular about changing a case once in a while and shedding that old “identity” for a new one (Freud would probably have a field day analyzing parts of my personality just based from what I wrote!) Anyway, I digress.. here is my list of top eight phone cases. After making this, I went ahead, pulled the trigger, and bought myself one of them. Can you guess which one?!

unnamed-1One // Two (currently on sale for $12.50!) // Three // Four (currently on sale for $28!READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Work Pants

Business casual is the term I would use to describe the attire worn around my school. Many of us here are in our mid-to-late twenties, trying to juggle the delicate balance between being trendy/preppy with being practical about how much it is going to hurt our bank accounts if a kiddo were to accidentally highlight our pants with neon yellow. I will be fully transparent; while I get the style equation wrong on many, many days, I also have developed some ideas as to what essentially both looks and feels good.

Today’s post will be dedicated to the lower half of what makes up a spectacular outfit. When I look for work pants, I normally try to go for the classics: dark in color (gotta cover up those potential marker stains!), dressy but not fancy, fitted but not tight. Essentially, it boils down to one simple concept– I want to look effortlessly put together (hello, oxymoron!)


Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant Stretch Ponte– These pants are incredible.  They feel (and basically are) a pair of leggings, but look the part of a business casual attire. I also love the fact that these pants have an elastic waist pull on (#lunchtimefoodbaby), and can be worn either dressed up or down depending on the occasion!… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Flats

video-placeholderPhoto: Tieks

As a teacher, I am on my feet at least nine hours a day (I get to work around 7AM and will usually leave the building before 5PM). This means that I am constantly looking for the best ways to keep my feet happy.  Any Californian would tell you that we are the most comfortable wearing our most treasured flip flops. Unfortunately, they are not terribly professional for the office 😉 I also refuse to wear heels. No, seriously, I currently do not even own one single pair. I never learned to walk properly in them (hurts too darn much!) and I would take a pair of flats over heels any day. Every day.

I am someone who doesn’t require a ton of variety when it comes to footwear. I would be content wearing the same four to five different styles of shoes day in and day out as long as they are reliable, practical, and cute. Therefore, after much trial and error (add in the painful blisters and breaking in period), I have narrowed down for you dear readers a trustworthy list of  go-to shoes to add to your wardrobe that I personally wear on a regular basis and can attest to its durability and comfort level after an entire day of walking and running after my kiddos!… READ FULL POST