Wishlist Wednesday: Back-to-School Book Bags (Guest Post by Grace)

About a month ago, I finally decide to get my mid-20’s crap together and get serious about finishing up my Bachelor’s.  Yesterday was my first day of class, and although I’m doing my classes purely online so that I can work full time, it’s got me in a somewhat “back to school” mood (that plus I can’t wait for Fall…cooler weather now please!).  Therefore this week’s “Wishlist Wednesday” is focused on the school workhorse… the book bag: backpack, messenger bag, tote…it’s the thing you use to schlep your tons of stuff to and from class every day!

1)  Jansport “Superbreak” Backpack: $36


Every person I know had a Jansport backpack at one time or another.  This is THE backpack; you can throw it around, carry all your crap in it, and with the exception of maybe running it through a shredder, it just doesn’t die.  I still have mine from high school, and it’s still in one piece.  It’s available in a plethora of colors and prints to suit everybody’s tastes (I won’t lie, I’m actually quite envious of all the patterns available these days).

2) Herschel & Co “Little America” Backpack: $90-$170


Herschel & Co’s “Little America” is a backpack I’ve seen the last two years that is growing in popularity.  … READ FULL POST

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks & Travel Updates

I am still very much in the process of downloading all of my Lisbon and Madrid pictures from my camera to my computer, so please bear with me on my overdue travel adventure post that will be coming up shortly!

John and I will be leaving the beautiful city of Madrid tomorrow for the equally stunning Barcelona. I have been asking a lot of Spanish locals about the distinct difference between these two cities– one compared Madrid as the “quirky cousin” to the “hippy and cool” Barcelona. Interesting. I will make my own judgements soon and cannot wait to share them with y’all!

Today, however, I really wanted to write a post about some of my favorite items from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I know Grace wrote about some of her favorites just last week so I wanted to make sure that I do the same. I will divide my selections into three sections; my own purchases (some of which are already waiting for me in my apartment for my return!!), my wishlist for when I am rolling in dough, and the items I bought from the early access sale that are no longer available.… READ FULL POST

Wishlist Wednesday: Summer Sunglasses Under $150 (Guest Post by Grace)

It’s been extra sunny around SoCal, so I figured it was high time I dusted off my sunglasses and pulled them out of the cold storage that is my closet (I wear glasses, so sometimes I get too lazy to put on contacts).  Since it’s summer, I figured I should do a sunglasses post for those readers who live in areas that might not warrant having a pair of sunnies on hand all year round.  For those readers who DO live in year round sunshine, another pair of sunglasses never hurt anyone! See below for my picks, almost all of which I either own or have personally tried on.  Best of all, every pair is under $150! (Who said nice things had to cost an arm and a leg?)

For a classic pair, try these Ray Ban “New Small Wayfarers”  ($130) on for size!  Gives a great casual summer vibe, and you can’t go wrong with basic black._6319402For a fun, colored twist on classic wayfarers, I am in love these TOMS “Dodoma” Vintage Keyhole Sunglasses  ($139) in seaglass green! Summer always makes me feel extra colorful, and the teal color of the frames is gorgeous.… READ FULL POST

Wishlist Wednesday: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Guest Post by Grace)

I received my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalogue in the mail today, so thought I’d do a quick post on things that caught my eye.  They have a good selection of fall offerings, and the Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year (this dates for this year will be from 7/17-8/3).  If you are a Nordstrom credit or debit card holder, you will get early access to the best deals that will begin tomorrow, 7/9.

Happy browsing!

*When clicking on the product links for more information, the current price will be listed. The sale prices will not be available until the listed dates above!

1) Melinda Maria “Tessa” Pendant: sale $84.90; post-sale $128


2) Sonya Renee Tassel Necklace: sale $49.90; post-sale $78

_105306523) Halogen Cashmere Wrap: sale $98.90; post-sale $148


4) Diane von Furstenberg Envelope Clutch: sale $165.90; post-sale $248

dvf_239231_dbldgs_s5) Halogen Twill Cape: sale $84.90; post-sale $128


Current Obsession: Workout Gear

Taking into consideration how often I write about fitness and exercise on this blog, it is pretty crazy that I have never done a post about what I choose to wear for a great chunk of my daily life. You will probably catch me every single day during the summer in these clothes and I am not ashamed to admit that I am normally not the type of gal who switches back into her “regular” clothing post workout if I do not have something important planned afterwards. #lazinessatitsfinest

Since I do spend a lot of time lounging around and exercising in my workout gear, I have gathered quite a collection. I have also purchased most of these items that I will recommend here so I can personally attest for their quality, practicality, and durability!

Sports Bras:

I have tried and tried the Old Navy sports bras in order to save an extra buck or two, but I am here to tell you that they do not work. The bras hurt and are extremely irritating on the skin. Since finding a comfortable sports bra is pretty much a necessity if you are going to have a productive workout, I quickly realized that I needed to find a different brand.… READ FULL POST

Five Highlights of the Week

Happy Sunday!

I know I usually write my “Five Highlights” either Thursday or Friday, but with so much going on this week, it had to be postponed until I actually had a chance to sit down and give this post its proper due!

This past week has been really amazing; I got to meet up with old friends/make new ones, workout at my favorite studios, read a ton of interesting books (so excited to share these on July’s book recommendation post!), and chill around in the house. What more can I want from this summer break?! John and I leave for Europe in less than a week (EEK!!) so I am taking any opportunity I can get to lounge around and “take it easy” since I know moments like these will be hard to come by once we return.

Here is the long overdue “top hits” recap!

1. When you work at a stress-inducing place, you really need to surround yourself with people who have your back. Luckily, I have a few! This past Monday, I grabbed lunch with two of them. We ate at one of my favorite Manhattan Chinatown places and it was simply divine.… READ FULL POST

Wishlist Wednesday: No Pants Summer (Guest Post by Grace)

All my life, I have disliked hot weather, which is somewhat of a cruel joke, since I currently live in Southern California.  Every summer, my friends can hear me moaning about how hot it is (anything above 85 is “WAY too hot” for me on most days).  At the beginning of the summer, I made it my goal to try and wear pants to work as few times as possible in an effort to stay cool, so my dresses and skirts are on full rotation at the moment.  My office dress code is business casual, but I feel like these can all be styled to fit all but the most conservative offices.  Also, I try to pick clothes that can pull both work AND weekend duty, since I neither have the space nor the money to maintain two separate wardrobes.

Below are a few of my picks, and the best part is, they’re all currently $70 or under!

My Skirt Picks:
1) LOFT Frond Pencil Skirt: $54.99 (plus an extra 60% off)


2) LOFT Stenciled Leaf Stroll Skirt: $59.50


3) LOFT Globetrotter Stroll Skirt: $59.50


4) Painted Threads Lace Midi Skirt: $36


My Dress Picks:
1) LOFT Bold Stripe Shirred Dress: $69.50


2) Caslon Embroidered Yoke Sleeveless Dress: currently on sale for $35.40!… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Hair Products

Maybe it is because I just got a haircut last week, but I have been going the extra mile in tending my locks recently to make sure that they stay nourished despite me drying it out with the hair dye. My relationship with my hair has always been a love/hate one. Ever since high school, I have been damaging it with multiple dyes, perms, hair straightening treatments, etc. I often joke that it is miracle that I am not bald yet with all of the “drama” my hair has been through!

I recently restocked some of my favorite hair care items in my home since I was running low and thought it was the perfect time to share some of my secrets below! With the usage and the combination of these items, I have noticed a major improvement in the condition of my hair. I am no longer cringing every single time I touch my dry ends. Instead, my hair has gotten dramatically silkier, smoother, and softer. HORRAY!


First and foremost, I do not wash my hair every single day. Contrary to common misconception, I do not think hair gets that dirty just by being out and about.… READ FULL POST

Weekend Reads: June


Photo: Inspiration Feed

I am so excited that it is time for me to update y’all on some of my favorite books from the month of June! This month was particularly insane with moving, chaperoning field trips, wrapping up the school year, etc. so I was scrambling until earlier yesterday to finish all of the books on the list before writing this post.

While selecting the books that I wanted to read for this month, and later recommend, I tried to pick ones that were the quintessential “summer/beach reads.” Not to worry, though, if that is not your thing! I also managed to sneak on the list a few books that have the perfect killer plot (no pun intended!) or inspirational anecdotes to jumpstart another glorious season in 2015! Enjoy!

June Book List

Secrets haunt people. The more you try to avoid them, the more it will have a devastating effect on your life when they are finally revealed. Big Little Lies tells the story of a group of moms whose children all attend the same primary school. In the very beginning of the book, we know that something horrendous happens to one of the parents at the school later on.… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale

With Nordstrom’s Summer Clearance Sale now active, I am really excited to share with y’all some of my favorite picks! Although the sale is on until June 28th, be sure to act fast when purchasing– some of these clothing items are already gone in quite a few sizes! A few of the accessories are also currently backordered 🙁

Note: since Nordstrom offers free shipping on all items, do not wait to have all of your goodies picked out before checking out. Check out as you go so you do not end up with an empty cart since nothing is reserved until you press that final “submit order” button!


First row: Maggy London Floral DressCaslon Maxi Dress (currently only $30!), Lush Kylie Skater Dress (currently only $28!)

Second row: Lush Woven Shirt (currently only $23!), Topshop Lace Shoulder Top (currently only $30!), Free People Side Tie Top (currently only $40!)

unnamed-1First row: Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace (I am OBSESSED with these and bought two during this sale– the magenta and the turquoise!), Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q (best bag purchase I have made this year yet!), Michael Kors Amelia Watch

Second row: Tory Burch Chandler SandalKate Spade Initial Necklace (I bought one for myself and one for my boyfriend’s little sister during the Christmas season last year– they are so elegant and simple!), Tory Burch Slim Diana ClutchKate Spade New York Small Studs (currently only $30— I have three pairs and love switching them up!)

As always, let us know if you have found other goodies worth sharing!READ FULL POST