Five Highlights

There is no way around it, so I am going to name the elephant in the room right off the bat—

I definitely overestimated how ambitious I would be over the summer in consistently posting while vacationing in Europe. One oversight on my part was how often we would be traveling from place to place with only a few days at each location and trying to maximize the time we spent outside and away from technology. Another oversight was the amount of time it took for me to load the pictures onto my computer from my camera, select the ones I liked, reflect on what was done each day, and then write about it. Hopefully, I will be able to play “catch-up” at an efficient speed and be back on track in no time! 🙂

Moving on to this week’s fiveeeee highlights!

1. “Hunt, Don’t Fish”


Photo: Lifehack

I initially heard quote from a professional development session last week, and it just stuck with me. I believe this motto applies not only for the classroom, but also in our personal lives. I think there is a certain mindset that we all sometimes adopt where we think that because so many aspects of our lives are out of our locus of control (and also unknown!), we do not really take the time or assertiveness to go after the things we really want.… READ FULL POST

Current Obsession: Workout Gear

Taking into consideration how often I write about fitness and exercise on this blog, it is pretty crazy that I have never done a post about what I choose to wear for a great chunk of my daily life. You will probably catch me every single day during the summer in these clothes and I am not ashamed to admit that I am normally not the type of gal who switches back into her “regular” clothing post workout if I do not have something important planned afterwards. #lazinessatitsfinest

Since I do spend a lot of time lounging around and exercising in my workout gear, I have gathered quite a collection. I have also purchased most of these items that I will recommend here so I can personally attest for their quality, practicality, and durability!

Sports Bras:

I have tried and tried the Old Navy sports bras in order to save an extra buck or two, but I am here to tell you that they do not work. The bras hurt and are extremely irritating on the skin. Since finding a comfortable sports bra is pretty much a necessity if you are going to have a productive workout, I quickly realized that I needed to find a different brand.… READ FULL POST

Five Highlights of the Week

Happy Sunday!

I know I usually write my “Five Highlights” either Thursday or Friday, but with so much going on this week, it had to be postponed until I actually had a chance to sit down and give this post its proper due!

This past week has been really amazing; I got to meet up with old friends/make new ones, workout at my favorite studios, read a ton of interesting books (so excited to share these on July’s book recommendation post!), and chill around in the house. What more can I want from this summer break?! John and I leave for Europe in less than a week (EEK!!) so I am taking any opportunity I can get to lounge around and “take it easy” since I know moments like these will be hard to come by once we return.

Here is the long overdue “top hits” recap!

1. When you work at a stress-inducing place, you really need to surround yourself with people who have your back. Luckily, I have a few! This past Monday, I grabbed lunch with two of them. We ate at one of my favorite Manhattan Chinatown places and it was simply divine.… READ FULL POST

How to Plan Your Workout Routine

I think it would be hard to find another gal who likes structure and routine more so than me. I love consistency. I love knowing what to expect in my future, both in twenty minutes and a year from now. Of course, this does not mean that I do not leave room for the unknown. In fact, because I am so use to routines in my daily life, I am often delighted by an unexpected surprise and would seek out a spontaneous adventure every now and then. Part of the reason why I rely so heavily on my routines (and am also a stickler at making ’em!) is because I know myself very well–if I do not make a plan and follow it, I would be too lazy to have the discipline needed to set something up along the way.


Photo: Title Boxing Club

Fitness falls directly into this category. Working out is not something that comes naturally for me. It is something that I know I should be doing in order to stay fit, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I knew I had to come up with a few different ways to motivate myself so that I stay on track and go to my classes at least five times a week, if not more!… READ FULL POST

9 Things I Learned About Clean Eating (Guest Post by Mara)


If there is one person I would trust to provide me guidance and advice on living a healthy and clean lifestyle, it would be Ms. Mara. Mara and I first met during my freshmen (her junior) year at Cornell. Immediately, I knew I wanted to be her friend. She just radiates positivity and happiness. In fact, I do not think I have ever met a single soul who had anything negative to say about her (which is a very rare trait nowadays!) We bonded over many common interests and have stayed the best of friends ever since. Although she currently lives on the other side of the country in Arizona, we keep in contact pretty much daily and swap countless stories about what we are doing to keep up the healthy and active lifestyle 🙂 I am SO grateful that she decided to take the time to share her tips and tricks as to what she is doing to maintain a sustainable clean diet despite having a hectic schedule.


Welcome to the LisaTChen blogging community, Mara!


Googling “clean eating program” generates pages upon pages of results, and intuitively we know what to do (no processed foods, less sugar, moderation, etc.READ FULL POST