Five Highlights of the Week

Happy Sunday!

I know I usually write my “Five Highlights” either Thursday or Friday, but with so much going on this week, it had to be postponed until I actually had a chance to sit down and give this post its proper due!

This past week has been really amazing; I got to meet up with old friends/make new ones, workout at my favorite studios, read a ton of interesting books (so excited to share these on July’s book recommendation post!), and chill around in the house. What more can I want from this summer break?! John and I leave for Europe in less than a week (EEK!!) so I am taking any opportunity I can get to lounge around and “take it easy” since I know moments like these will be hard to come by once we return.

Here is the long overdue “top hits” recap!

1. When you work at a stress-inducing place, you really need to surround yourself with people who have your back. Luckily, I have a few! This past Monday, I grabbed lunch with two of them. We ate at one of my favorite Manhattan Chinatown places and it was simply divine. It was so nice to catch up with them and see us interact in a scholar-free social setting.


2. “Girl, look at that body!” Of course, I am only quoting LMFAO’s (annoying) song and am absolutely not talking about myself. My body is not quite there yet, but I am proud of the progress I am making to get myself into the best shape of my life.

We all know “it takes a village” to get anywhere in life, so here is what that looks like in the world of workout studios:


Rowing— best cardio workout. period. It is torture but I feel so strong and powerful after the one hour course!


Running— still love my Mile High Run Club. This place for runners is what Soul Cycle is for cyclers.


Anti-gravity yoga— My heart races a million miles an hour (and my hands get super clammy) in this class since I am always so paranoid that I will fall flat on my face while attempting poses like these, but I have managed to stay away from the hospital thus far! I highly recommend trying an anti-gravity yoga class in a studio near you to give your body that deep stretch and relaxation it so deeply needs!

*To see a complete (and updated!) list of my favorite studios in the city, please check out my ClassPass post!

3. Life & style blog– trying something new! So, when I initially started this website, I did not really intend for it to turn into a fashion blog. Lord knows I am not one to give style advice and will usually stick to a few of my favorites year round. However, in an effort to really expand my horizons, show how I style some of the clothes I purchase and tell y’all about regularly, and attack my “fixed mindset” on this matter,  I am going to give this a shot!

I will attempt to take at least one to two “what am I wearing today?” pictures a week and share them both on my Instagram (follow me!) and weekly “Five Highlights” blog post.  Rest assured, this site will, by no means, turn into only a fashion blog. However, I will attempt to sprinkle in some “style” elements whenever I can 🙂


Halter Top // Chino Shorts (LOVE them– I own at least four pairs!) // Watch

4. #newnetflixobsession


One of my girlfriends, Karin, introduced me to this show and I immediately fell in love. I literally cannot stop watching this show; I started the first episode on Wednesday night and am already halfway through the second season! #sorrynotsorry. The storylines are so raw, honest, and realistic. The characters and their family dynamics are truly a pleasure to watch over and over again. I AM SO EXCITED that I still have a few more seasons to binge-watch on Netflix!

5. Let freedom ring! Yesterday was the fourth of July and John and I had a blast celebrating this patriotic holiday with some awesome people!


Our close friends, Amy and Steven, organized a picnic in Prospect Park. It started pouring towards the beginning of the day and we all started hiding underneath a tree and cooking with an umbrella over the grill to protect the food. It was all pretty hilarious. Fortunately, the weather soon cleared up and we had the BEST time!


We grilled delicious homemade patties, chicken wings, and vegetable skewers. Other friends also brought some appetizers that were absolutely exquisite. We were absolutely stuffed by the end!


Dress (currently 60% off!) // Necklace // Sunglasses (currently on sale for only $25!)

Later on, we invited some people from the group to come back to our apartment to watch the Manhattan fireworks from the rooftop. The view was breathtaking:


I felt such an immense surge of pride to live in our great nation. I also felt incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many great people and happy memories. It was the perfect day!

This week is going to be also jam-packed with cleaning out the last remaining 30% of our boxes in the apartment. John’s little sister is also visiting for a few days from Philadelphia so that we can all go to the Taylor Swift concert together. I am pretty much OVER THE MOON with excitement!

Let the good times roll, peeps! See you guys back here tomorrow for the “Current Obsession” post!

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