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Taking into consideration how often I write about fitness and exercise on this blog, it is pretty crazy that I have never done a post about what I choose to wear for a great chunk of my daily life. You will probably catch me every single day during the summer in these clothes and I am not ashamed to admit that I am normally not the type of gal who switches back into her “regular” clothing post workout if I do not have something important planned afterwards. #lazinessatitsfinest

Since I do spend a lot of time lounging around and exercising in my workout gear, I have gathered quite a collection. I have also purchased most of these items that I will recommend here so I can personally attest for their quality, practicality, and durability!

Sports Bras:

I have tried and tried the Old Navy sports bras in order to save an extra buck or two, but I am here to tell you that they do not work. The bras hurt and are extremely irritating on the skin. Since finding a comfortable sports bra is pretty much a necessity if you are going to have a productive workout, I quickly realized that I needed to find a different brand.


I grabbed two Victoria’s Secret Racerback Sport Bras on a whim after trying them on at the store. They seemed comfortable enough and I was excited to see how they would stand the endurance test after an hour long workout at Swerve, my favorite spinning studio.  Verdict? They were incredible! The bra held up really well and the material did not irritate my skin one bit! I am now a firm believer in the power of VS!


I also own a few Lululemon’s sports bras. However, they are definitely not cheap so I will only splurge if they are on sale. Currently, this one is on sale for ($29!) so grab yours now before they are back at full-price ($52!)


jcrew T

In an effort to minimize my workout gear cost, I normally do not buy any special “sports” tops. I will usually just wear one of the many JCrew/JCrew factory t-shirts and tanks that I own. They are all extremely comfortable and cozy. Plus, I can “convert” them quite easily into a casual night out look with the right pair of jeans for a post-workout dinner!

Currently, this shirt is on sale for $19if you are a student, or if you still have your student ID from a few years ago, you can get an additional 15% off the sale price!


This JCrew tank is also currently on sale for $19!


When there is a great sale from Lululemon’s top collection, I might also buy one or two of these shirts. I own this one (in a different color) that is currently on sale for $34!


I usually get my shorts from Nordstrom Rack at a great discount!


These shorts comes in a variety of different color patterns for an extremely affordable price!


I also have this pair (in a different pattern) from Victoria’s Secret.


I probably spend the vast majority of my workout gear budget on the pants. I love a great pair and, unfortunately, find most of them at Lululemon. However, I always stick with my rule of purchasing none of my Lululemon attire full-price. Thankfully, they have a great sales collection that rotates its merchandise weekly so I have collected a healthy amount of pants from Lulu over the years.

Here are some of my favorites that are currently on sale!


If you are not a fan of this particular pattern, fret not! There are quite a few here that are also currently part of the sale!


With long pants like this one, Lululemon will offer free hemming for all of their customers (regardless of whether the item was on sale when purchased!) Since I stand, on a good day, at five feet four inches, I pretty much always take advantage of this great perk!


I am also drooling over this pair!

Gym Bags:

Since I am constantly on the go and will usually head straight from work to a studio, I need a big bag to hold all of my stuff. I use to carry a JCrew tote bag, which held my wallet, keys, phone, and papers to grade, etc. with a Lululemon recycled bag for the necessary workout gear. As time went on, this system got harder to manage when I started piling on more items to bring, such as winter/rain boots, computers, etc.

Finally, I made the decision to buy an actual gym bag. Not just one that I can use, abuse, and toss aside in a few months, but one that I really would love, cherish, and maintain because it was such a great investment. After a few weeks of mulling over my options, I landed on this one:


I can fit everything I need in this baby right here! It is durable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. I also like the fact that I can hold the duffel with my hands, or wear it on my shoulder, depending on the day and how heavy it might be. Since this is fairly big,  I can also use this as an overnight or weekend bag if needed. The different side pockets also comes in handy for the small items I have with me, such as my metrocard, chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, phone charger, etc. I have gotten many compliments on the bag and I have seen many other ladies carrying it to the studio.


This would be another gym bag I recommend if you thought the other bag was too big for your everyday workout needs. One of my coworkers owns this one and she seems to really enjoy it. I have also tried this on at the store and was impressed with its quality.

Bottom Line:

When purchasing workout gear, go for items that will make you feel both comfortable and confident. I am a firm believer that you will not be able to have a successful workout if you do not feel like you are physically and mentally prepared to be there. Having the right attire is part of that! Start with a few staple items that you need and work your way from there. A lot of this is trial and error (after all, what might work for one body type might not work for another) so do not be afraid to test things out and give it a shot!

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