Wishlist Wednesday: Summer Sunglasses Under $150 (Guest Post by Grace)

It’s been extra sunny around SoCal, so I figured it was high time I dusted off my sunglasses and pulled them out of the cold storage that is my closet (I wear glasses, so sometimes I get too lazy to put on contacts).  Since it’s summer, I figured I should do a sunglasses post for those readers who live in areas that might not warrant having a pair of sunnies on hand all year round.  For those readers who DO live in year round sunshine, another pair of sunglasses never hurt anyone! See below for my picks, almost all of which I either own or have personally tried on.  Best of all, every pair is under $150! (Who said nice things had to cost an arm and a leg?)

For a classic pair, try these Ray Ban “New Small Wayfarers”  ($130) on for size!  Gives a great casual summer vibe, and you can’t go wrong with basic black._6319402For a fun, colored twist on classic wayfarers, I am in love these TOMS “Dodoma” Vintage Keyhole Sunglasses  ($139) in seaglass green! Summer always makes me feel extra colorful, and the teal color of the frames is gorgeous._10617737Cat-eye sunglasses are a style that I’ve never really gravitated towards, but these Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses ($150) will add a bright punch of color to any outfit.  Plus, I feel like they’re a more toned down cat eye shape, so I wouldn’t be as hesitant to try the style._8906511Can’t have a post about sunglasses without aviators! These Marc by Marc Jacobs Stainless Steel Aviator Sunglasses ($105) are available in a beautiful rose gold color that I think makes them a little fancier looking compared to basic black or tortoiseshell .

_8291462Finally, a shape that I have found looks good on everyone, these Kate Spade “Darrilyn” Butterfly Sunglasses ($150) are available in several colors that would go well with any outfit, whether you’re having a casual day or a dressier one._10203103I hope everyone’s taking time to go out and soak up that glorious sunshine (vitamin D is important!).  But please don’t forget to be generous with the SPF!!!

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