Wishlist Wednesday: Back-to-School Book Bags (Guest Post by Grace)

About a month ago, I finally decide to get my mid-20’s crap together and get serious about finishing up my Bachelor’s.  Yesterday was my first day of class, and although I’m doing my classes purely online so that I can work full time, it’s got me in a somewhat “back to school” mood (that plus I can’t wait for Fall…cooler weather now please!).  Therefore this week’s “Wishlist Wednesday” is focused on the school workhorse… the book bag: backpack, messenger bag, tote…it’s the thing you use to schlep your tons of stuff to and from class every day!

1)  Jansport “Superbreak” Backpack: $36


Every person I know had a Jansport backpack at one time or another.  This is THE backpack; you can throw it around, carry all your crap in it, and with the exception of maybe running it through a shredder, it just doesn’t die.  I still have mine from high school, and it’s still in one piece.  It’s available in a plethora of colors and prints to suit everybody’s tastes (I won’t lie, I’m actually quite envious of all the patterns available these days).

2) Herschel & Co “Little America” Backpack: $90-$170


Herschel & Co’s “Little America” is a backpack I’ve seen the last two years that is growing in popularity.  I was originally going to say that it’s a more “hipster” looking book bag, but if it’s growing in popularity, then I believe it is losing it’s “hipster-ness”.  Apart from the spiffy design, a perk of this backpack is the laptop sleeve that comes included in the bag…no more unprotected electronic devices!

3) Longchamp Le Pliage Large: $145 (top) or Longchamp Le Pliage Neo: $180 (bottom)


This is the bag that every girl and their mom has on college campuses/workplaces, and rightfully so because they’re super practical.  Technically these are two different bags, but I’m lumping them together because they’re so similar, that putting them separately would just be a waste of post space.  Other than the price, there are only a few key differences: a) the Large is completely foldable, whereas the Neo only folds flat the way a paper bag does; b) the nylon of the Large is a LOT thinner, whereas the Neo is made of a thicker nylon; c) the Large comes in a lot more colors than the Neo.

4) Tory Burch “York” Buckle Tote: $295


I have to include at least one (or one other) chic option for all the stylish girls out there.  Depending on how much you have to schlep, this is a very nice looking, leather option to use as a book bag, the operative words being “how much“.  Obviously, this is not the bag for you if your bag has to fit three textbooks, a laptop, and your sweaty gym clothes.  But if it’s just a folder or two,  a laptop, plus the basics, I believe it shouldn’t be a problem.

For all those readers who are starting school soon, it’s time to start getting off that vacation mentality.  On the bright side, there’s back to school shopping to look forward to!!

Happy Wednesday, all 🙂

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