Five Highlights

There is no way around it, so I am going to name the elephant in the room right off the bat—

I definitely overestimated how ambitious I would be over the summer in consistently posting while vacationing in Europe. One oversight on my part was how often we would be traveling from place to place with only a few days at each location and trying to maximize the time we spent outside and away from technology. Another oversight was the amount of time it took for me to load the pictures onto my computer from my camera, select the ones I liked, reflect on what was done each day, and then write about it. Hopefully, I will be able to play “catch-up” at an efficient speed and be back on track in no time! ūüôā

Moving on to this week’s fiveeeee highlights!

1. “Hunt, Don’t Fish”


Photo: Lifehack

I initially heard quote¬†from a professional development session last week, and it just stuck with me. I believe¬†this motto applies not only for the classroom, but also in our personal lives. I think there is a certain mindset that we all sometimes adopt where we think that because so many aspects of our lives are out of our locus of control (and also unknown!), we do not really take the time or assertiveness to go after the things we really want. Well, guys, this year is going to be different for me. I am going to actively seek ownership of my life. This is the year of taking no bull¬†from anyone and actively “hunting” for my destiny/passion/journey. Will you join me?

2. Easing myself back into routine

I am not going to lie– coming back from vacation was absolutely hell. John and I got back on a Sunday and I had to wake up the next morning at 4AM to catch a train to join my school team on their retreat. #notfun #lotsofStarbucks

Eager to get myself back into the grind of things, I initially made plans to go workout the very same day. John actively tried to talk me out of it for the fear that I would literally fall asleep on the treadmill and, like, die. It took a lot of convincing, but I finally relented. Lo and behold, it was the right decision for my mental and physical health. I¬†begrudging learned that sometimes, we just gotta take it easy and ease ourselves into new challenges ahead.¬†While this is typically the opposite¬†of how I function, I now understand its importance. No need to rush the process ūüôā

And, yes, I am happy to report that I am officially back into my rhythm. I just hit my 90th workout on Classpass since I joined the membership in April. I cannot wait to celebrate my 100th class later this month!!

3. Food and Health Challenge 


Photo: Dawson CrossFit

Still staying on the topic of fitness and health, John and I have decided to participate in a 30 day challenge!¬†Essentially, this ¬†plan will test us in a whole new way. We are not unhealthy eaters, normally, but this takes food into an entirely different level! The physical education teacher at my school completed this challenge successfully last year and gave me a piece of advice that I really agree with– everything in moderation. He mentioned how he craved some of the¬†items he cut out so much that when he finally went “off” the challenge, he binged like crazy and ended up gaining back all of the weight he lost.


Photo: Whole30

So, rather than going down this tempting route, John and I decided to still stick to the fundamentals of the diet while making certain exceptions for the sake of our sanity:

-No artificial sugar

-No drinking anything but water (fruit infused water is okay :))

-One bowl of rice a day. If we had it for lunch, we would have none for dinner, or vice versa. (Come on; we are Asian. I am pretty sure we were inhaling rice from our mothers’ womb!)

-It is a go for soy sauce, tofu, and miso.

This challenge officially starts this upcoming Monday, August 17th. I have already started the first and second rule, but let us just say John is satisfying all of his current cravings¬†until the final minute on Sunday night– which is definitely his prerogative! ūüėČ

4. Fall is upon us!

I definitely have a favorite season of the year and it is finally here!!! I LOVE a great autumn; the leaves crushing below your feet, the gentle chilly breeze on an afternoon walk, a simple pair of jeans with boots and a great cardigan… the list goes on and on. Oh! Let us not forget my favorite beverage that will be brought back soon: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! Man, I cannot wait to have the first sip of that deliciousness this year! Believe it or not, I still remember the first moment from last year (and the year before) when I had my first cup for that season. It was pretty much lengen…wait for it!…dary! #overexcitmentatitsfinest

5. #LJEuropeTour2015

Last, but definitely not least, the next few posts from this blog will be Europe related! I still have quite a few places left to post about, namely Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Copenhagen, Santorini, and Athens (so, basically everything aside from Lisbon). I will TRY to update one every two days or so, since the entries will take at least one solid hour to write, upload pictures, edit, and publish. Check back on SUNDAY for Madrid!

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