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I will eagerly admit that I am a ClassPass fanatic. I love the diversity that the program offers and will jump for the chance to promote its brand to every friend and coworker I catch up with in the city. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have named myself its unpaid (and unknown) ambassador 😉


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People always ask me why I am such a loyal customer. I think it really boils down to the workout diversity. I try to equate ClassPass to a buffet. You have all of the different options to choose from (in NYC alone, you have hundreds of participating studios!), so you can really never get tired of working out since you are never really doing the same thing day in and day out. I use to have a gym membership in the city, and I also currently have a gym in my apartment complex. However, running on a treadmill just gets so boring. With ClassPass, I am able to go to pilates one day, boxing the next, and spinning the day after that. What a great deal!

With that said, I have listed some of my absolute favorite studios you should definitely try if you happen to live in NYC. If you do not live here, see if that particular studio has a location near you! *You do NOT have to have a ClassPass membership to try these studios. In fact, ClassPass only allows you to access the same studio three times a month. Therefore, if you fell in love with one particular type of workout and want to stick with that, it will be cheaper and better option if you just go for the studio’s actual membership plan 🙂

If you are feeling restless and need to blow off some steam, try:

CityRow (rowing)

Flywheel (spinning)

Mile High Run Club (running)

Overthrow New York Boxing Club (boxing)

SWERVE (spinning)

Work Train Fight (boxing)

If you need a solid body burn while dripping in sweat, try:

Barry’s Bootcamp (strength training)

ChaiseFitness (pilates, strength training, dance)

Hiit It! By Daphnie Yang (strength training)

Tone House (strength training)

Trampolean (strength training)

If you need a quiet, but deadly workout, try:

Bikram Yoga, SoHo (hot yoga)

Brooklyn Bodyburn (strength training)

Studio Anya (anti-gravity yoga, pilates)

If you just need to take it easy, but still need a good body tremble for an hour, try:

Uptown Pilates (pilates)

New York Pilates (pilates)


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*Follow me on ClassPass once you activate your membership so that you can see where I am “living out the sweaty life” and join me for a class! After all, is this not what working out is all about?!

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